Anthony was born in Jamaica in the early 1960s and moved to the UK with his mother and siblings in 1967 to join his father (he arrived in the 1950s).

In 1973 Anthony attended Jamaica College, he returned to the UK in 1976 (briefly) for a wedding and then returned permanently in 1977 to go to university.

He was told he could sign up as an overseas student. Confused, he wrote to the Home Office who advised he had lost his ‘Right to Remain’ as he had been out of the country more than 2 years (a clause in the 1971 Immigration Act). He was threatened with deportation.

Anthony received indefinite leave to remain (ILR) in his Jamaican passport. He was refused employment in 2008 as his passport had run out. In July 2018 his British citizenship was restored.

Interview by Juanita Cox

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