Britain’s Windrush veterans: the Battle to be British

This short by CH4 records veterans in an African-Caribbean centre in Peterborough as they reflect on their lives in Britain included on many of their generation who were faced with deportation and/or had their immigration status questioned. It highlights discrimination in the military as well as their battles to be British.

Help to Reunite Windrush Family After 8 Years

This GMB interview with Clayton Barnes and Anthony Bryan explores the impact of the ‘Windrush’ (Home Office) scandal on their lives.

Politics of Madness

After the introduction of the 1959 British Mental Health Act, Black people and Caribbean migrants living in the United Kingdom faced unjust discrimination and incarceration against their will.  Reverend Buddy Larrier, interviewed for this project. has been an active mental health campaigner for decades. His story is featured on the UK television programme Politics of Madness about his experience of trying to sue the state for violating his human rights.

Windrush: Contribution to the Economy

This film, part of the Geraldine Connor Foundation’s Windrush Learning Resource, interviews members of the ‘Windrush Generation’ and their decedents.  The interviewees talk about their contribution to the economy of Britain and to its culture and society.

Reparations Not Deportations British Racism & The Windrush Scandal (2022)

This film, produced by Redfish Media explores the impact of Britain’s border polices and hostile environment on Britain’s black communities.  It races the experiences of a child of the Windrush who was refused British citizenship, a Jamaican grandmother with British children and grandchildren fighting deportation, and in Jamaica, a young man with a strong British accent, sent back to the country he only knew as a child after serving a short prison sentence.

Sitting in Limbo (2020)

Sitting in Limbo, starring Patrick Robinson, is a feature length drama exploring the devastating effects of the Windrush scandal on one man and his family. Born in Jamaica, after 50 years in the UK, Anthony Bryan receives a letter from the Home Office. Wrongfully detained by the Home Office and threatened with deportation, the drama highlights the situation of those directly impacted by the Windrush scandal which saw Caribbean immigrants wrongly targeted by immigration enforcement.

Oral History Resources

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