Journalist Oral History Interviews

Amelia Gentleman

Amelia Gentleman is an award-winning Guardian journalist and author of 'The Windrush Betrayal: Exposing the Hostile Environment'. She is largely attributed with having broke the scandal after publishing a series of stories in The Guardian newspaper about people...

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Fiona Bawdon

Fiona is a legal affairs journalist, researcher and campaigner against social injustice on issues covering legal aid, immigration, women, youth and crime.  She is the communication consultant to We Belong: Young Migrants Standing Up, the co-founder and director of...

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Sir Mark Trevor Phillips, OBE

Sir Mark Trevor Phillips OBE is a journalist and business leader.  He was author of A Contemptuous Betrayal of the British Tradition of Fair for the Daily Mail This piece has been described by Professor Patrick Vernon as critically important in that it gained the...

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