Rev Clive Foster is a senior pastor in the church, supporting the Local Superintendent and Ministry of the Pilgrim Church.  He is also a social justice campaigner, founder of Nottingham Windrush Support Forum and the Vice Chair of the Windrush National Organisation. He was awarded the Upstanding Organisation Award by the No2Hate National Awards in 2018 and the Community Volunteer Award by Nottingham Black Achievers. Clive Foster is currently Executive Dean Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at Nottingham Trent University and their Multi-Faith Manger.

This interview took place on 18 August 2022 at Pilgrim Church in Nottingham.

Copyright & Permissions Foster granted the University of London exclusive licence to use this material for (i) academic and teaching activities, (ii) research facilitation and promotion and (iii) reporting or knowledge transfer. This material cannot be reproduced without permission.

Interview by Juanita Cox

Rev Clive Foster - Part 2, Excerpt 1

KEYWORDS: Repatriated, Deported, Detained, Criminality, 1990s, Church, Overstayed, Church, Immigration, Family, Sole Responsibility Regulation, Children

Rev Clive Foster – Part 2 Excerpt 1 at 23:48-25:57 mins (Summary)

In this excerpt Clive Foster talks about the immigration issues that occurred pre 1990s and his awareness of deportations on a limited scale. He recalls deportation issues that related to acts of criminality or where people had overstayed. The church was supporting members of the congregation who were having problems bringing members of their family over to the UK.  This was of particular concern where it related to children and may have been connected to the government’s sole responsibility regulations.

Rev Clive Foster - Part 2, Excerpt 2

Keywords: Colour, Border Agency, 1655, 2013, 2014, Jamaican, Theresa May, Home Secretary, Go Home Vans, Home Office, Immigration, Asylum, Europe, Brexit, Deported, Nottingham Windrush Support Forum, Detained, Political, Church, Hustings, Labour, Conservative, Lib Dems, Greens, Brexit, Detention, Windrush Scandal, Hostile Environment.

Rev Clive Foster – Part 2 Excerpt 2 at 28:07-39:35 mins (Summary)

In this excerpt, Clive talks about the way immigration is constructed in Britain and perceived as being linked to colour.  He talks also about the ‘surge of Jamaicans’ who were being deported or detained before 2014 and who came to the church for support/guidance.   When the Home Office became aware of this they contacted the Pilgrim Church and suggested working together. The Church did not want to work as a Border Agency for the Home Office, especially given they were pushing voluntary schemes for repatriation.  In response to the problems being experienced, the church founded the Nottingham Windrush Support Forum.  The church would run hustings and invite political leaders to talk to them.  Foster describes a visit from the Home Secretary, Theresa May, in 2014.  They sat and talked with her about adult and child detentions not realising that she had instituted the hostile environment policy, which was destroying families in their community.

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