Glenda was born in Dominica and left for the UK in 1961 aged 3 months.

Her mother died in Jan 1997 while on a trip to Dominica.  She wanted to travel there but was told by the Home Office she was not British.

One of her Aunts suggested that she get a Dominica passport, while trying to prove her British status.

2003 – She travelled to Dominica.  On her return customs asked if she worked in the UK.  She said yes, and they waved her through.

2006 – She travelled again but experienced no problems.

2008 – On return from holiday she was given a warning by customs.

2009 – Got a job at a GP Surgery.  That’s when she was asked to show her passport and prove that she had the right to work in England (required under the 2006 Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act)

Interview by Juanita Cox

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