Anonymous Windrush Survivor was born in the Eastern Caribbean and brought up by extended members of his family.  His father, who had been settled in the UK since the early 1960s had hoped ‘Anon’ would join the rest of the UK family when he was 15.  Unable to travel on his own, ‘Anon’ waited until he’d reached adulthood (18+) only to discover that as a consequence of doing so he now had no greater rights to live in the UK than anyone else. The situation was further complicated by the fact that his father had been caught up by the Windrush Scandal and had not been confirmed as a British citizen until 2019.

In the clip below, he explains why he believed he had a right to join his family in the UK.  ‘Anon’ travelled to the UK in 2000, not 2020 as incorrectly stated by the interviewer in this clip.

Interview by Juanita Cox

Short Excerpt

by Anon | Keywords: passport, visas

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